Residential Landscape Design, Build & Maintenance Services

Bringing out the beauty of your property is what JSL Landscaping and Maintentance does best. We offer our customers a full range of design, build and maintenance services. We utilize our 25 years of experience, technology and equipment to provide cost and time efficient services that enhance and maintain your curb appeal.

Our residential services include but are not limited to:

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  • Grading and elevation changes
  • Designing all architectural and landscaping elements
  • Determining plant types, sizes and layout
  • Specifying seasonal color and textures
  • Designing irrigation and lighting systems
  • Developing complete project budget and on-site installation schedules
  • Decorative fixtures and furniture


  • Preparing the site
  • Building retaining walls
  • Installing satellite controlled "Smart" drip and turf irrigation systems
  • Constructing decks, patios, fences, arbors and stairs
  • Building walkways, paths, and related elements, such as driveways
  • Installing ponds, fountains and other water features
  • Installing outdoor lighting
We can take care of all your landscape maintenance needs.


  • Turf Care (Mowing)
  • Shrub Care (Pruning)
  • Annual Flower Program
  • Weed Control
  • Water Management (Irrigation)
  • Tree Care
  • Fertilization
  • General Clean-Up

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