Frequently Asked Questions About Our Landscaping Services

How long have you been in business?
JSL Landscaping started in 1985. In 2007 we incorporated and became JSL Landscaping & Maintenance, INC.
Is it necessary to hire a licensed contractor?
Hiring a licensed contractor gives you the peace of mind that the contractor is operating a legal and fair business according to industry standards. You should always check the status of a contractor before signing a contract with the California CSLB (California State License Board). You can check the contractorís license status on CSLBís website at
Are you licensed?
Yes, the CSLB has awarded us a C-27 license which has the widest range of classification next to a general contractor. Our license number is 565470.
Are you insured ?
We carry general liability insurance and workmanís compensation insurance. Proof of insurance is available upon request.
Are you bonded?
Yes, all active licensed contractors are required to post a bond with the CSLB.
Do you use subcontractors?
We have our own experienced staff but we also hire licensed, bonded and insured subcontractors for specialized services.
What areas do you serve?
We provide excellent service for our clients in the counties of Solano, Sacramento, Napa and Contra Costa.
Can you provide references?
Upon request, we can provide you with several references from our many happy clients.
Why should we hire you?
JSL Landscaping and Maintenance Inc has been providing superior service for the past 25 years. We are locally owned, professionally certified and motivated by our clientsísatisfaction. We use state of the art equipment including a professional design software that allows you to see your landscaping mature from concept, after installation and way into the future. You will be able to visualize what you are paying for. In addition our maintenance services include much more than just a "mow and blow". Every landscape has different requirements. Call us to get details for your specific needs.
Do I need a landscape design?
We cannot quote your project without a design. Besides a professional landscape plan helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page, leaving less chances for lost details or miscommunications. Overall a detailed plan leads to your satisfaction.
Do I have to hire JSL to create my landscape design?
No, we will use designs by other companies as long as they are to scale. However, when you use our experienced professional design services, you will be able to visualize your projects with computerized pictures of your landscape in multiple growth stages. Additionally, once you contract us to create your design, you own the design and can bid it out or if you use our contracting services, we will discount the design services by 50%.
How much do you charge for your design services?
A general design for a small project is $500 (up to 8,000 sq. ft.). A general design for a large project over 8,000 sq. ft. is priced at $.07 per sq. ft. Additional design options and renderings are $250 each.
Will I need to sign a contract to get started?
Yes, it is in your best interest as well as ours to have a signed detailed contract before any work begins on your property. Our contract will explicitly outline what we will and will not do and specify the payment terms.
When can you start my landscaping project?
We usually start within 3 ñ 5 weeks after you approve our proposal, sign the contract and make your deposit.
How long does it take to install a project?
Smaller projects may require only 3-4 weeks, larger project 6-12 weeks. The contract will stipulate how long your project will take based on your selection of components.
Can you provide my Home Owners Association a scale design?
No problem! We can include a scale design that you can submit to your HOA in our proposal.
Do you provide free estimates?
Yes, please email us through our contact page request a free estimate and provide general project details including the square footage of the project area. Do not include the square footage of your home or any landscaping that will remain as is. You may also call us at 707-426-4738. Please note that these free estimates are subject to change once the project is assessed on-site by one of our staff.
How do I figure my projectís square footage?
Mark the areas to be landscaped into squares and rectangles. Then measure the length and widths of each area and multiply the length by the width. ie: a width of 75 feet by a length of 40 feet deep would be 300 square feet (75 x 40).
How do I pay for my project?
We require a 10% deposit to secure your schedule. When we actually break ground we will ask for another payment equal to ‡ or 1/3 of the total project. Other payments will be due at other milestones in the project and/or the balance at the end of the project. All payment schedules will be outline in the contract. We accept personal checks.